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  • I would highly recommend this company. I received a highly professional proof reading of my website by Sharon at Punctilio. Fast, reliable and trusted service. Thank you for helping me show off my website with confidence.
  • I will never publish anything without Sharon's assistance 😊. Over the last few weeks Sharon's assistance has been absolutely invaluable to me, her work ethic, gentle way of making suggestions on amendments without making me feel like a total twit has been phenomenal. She is a joy to work with. I am a creative by trade and have never been confident about my writing skills, grammar or spelling. Working with Sharon has given me the confidence that what I have put out to world circulation is correct and if I choose, the ultimate in English language rules 😊 I can not recommended her services highly enough. Please note, in order to keep this unbiased, I have not asked Sharon to proof read it for me, so please forgive any errors!
  • Very good, and in-depth proof read of my case study, worth every penny. One very happy customer.